Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manila - Misc Pics . . . FINALLY!

OK, so this is our cast on the bus on the way to rehearsal:

This is our cast realizing they apparently didn't pose hard enough for the first photo op on the bus to rehearsal:

This is everyone turning their head away from me just as I tried to take a picture (can you tell I'm really unused to taking pics?):

This is my first posed photo with new friend Sheila Valderrama-Martinez, exquisite beauty, beautiful singer/dancer, Cinderella u/s, and the last photo I'll ever put myself in if everyone keeps looking that good at rehearsal (it's REHEARSAL, you're SUPPOSED to look as haggard as I do, people!):

This is a pic of the Cultural Arts Center, our performance space, taken from a moving vehicle. (Again, not good at taking pics, yet, OK?) I've also recently taken some cute ones at rehearsal - I'm getting better! - but I'll have to share those next time, they're not on my computer, yet.

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